Tis the Season to Feel Like Shit December 06, 2017 18:35

Tis the Season to Feel Like Shit

What? I bet you’re thinking I got the title wrong. After all, it’s the season of joy and giving. It’s the winter solstice when our sweet slumber is full of sugar plums and holiday magic. Right?

So, why do those Facebook posts called “12 days to Christmas, y’all” (screw you, Betty…screw you...) make you feel a rush of panic and give you a pit in your stomach?  

White Christmas and Buddy The Elf Lied to Us

I think we want the holidays to be sugar plums and sweet snuggles, snow lightly falling as magical lights twinkle as we pick the perfect Christmas tree. Or, your sweet family that always gets along gathered to light the menorah and feast on latkes sufganiyah. The perfect family holiday.

The Truth: It’s a Holiday Hot Mess

In reality, though, it feels like rushed over-consumption, trying to get the perfect this or the perfect that or the perfect tree or make the perfect meal or just make your own damn family perfectly happy, for once. Just once. It feels suffocating. Absolutely suffocating.   

What can you do though? Right? It just kinda is what it is. There are presents to get and parties to go to and trees to be trimmed and stockings to stuff and decorations and…and…

This One Self-Care Moment Will Ease Your Holiday Stress

You can breathe.

I mean right this damn second. Breathe the deepest breath you have all day. Hold it for one juicy beat and then ever so slowly release it.  

I am not joking. DO IT!  

Take one more second and do it one more time.  

Okay. See. You’re welcome.

It’s a Holiday Miracle!

Now, in this space, tell yourself, “Perfection isn’t the goal. Connection is.”

That’s right. Perfection isn’t the goal. What makes us feel all warm and fuzzy when we think about this time of year? It’s NOT the tree overflowing with gifts or the perfectly polished silver; it’s connection. It’s BEING with your family as you pick that tree and sip that cocoa.

It’s All about the MomentsIt’s All about the Connections

It’s the holiday meal you love because Uncle Ronny is there. He always has a bit too much to drink, but he tells THE BEST stories and you laugh so hard that your belly still hurts the next day.

It’s seeing your sister who you only see once a year, and sometimes, it’s sticky. But, sometimesjust sometimesit’s like you’re 5 years old all over again. The magic is so alive in you that just want to cry and hug her and go catch fireflies.  

Yep, that is what is about.

Lean into those moments. Lean in really fucking hard. Lean in and breathe. Just breathe it all in.