Sacral Chakra, Chakra Cleansing Bath Salts.

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This is a sea salt bath intended to help your Sacral  Chakra.  In Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda chakras refer to the wheels of energy throughout the body. Their are 7 chakra:

Root: at the base of your spine this is where your sense of security lies. This is a blend of Orange and Patchouli.
Sacral: In your lower abdomen this is where your creativity and sexuality lies. This is a blend of Orange and Ylang, Ylang.
Solar Plexus: Upper abdomen, this is where your self worth lies. This is a blend of Ginger and Grapefruit.
Heart: Center of your chest, this is where your connection to others lies. This is a blend or orange and Geranium.
Throat: at the base of your throat in the hollow, this is where your self expression lies. This is a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus.
Third Eye: on your forehead between your eyes, this is where your intuition lies.
Crown: top of the head, this is where you universal connection and spirituality lies. This is a blend of Lavender and Cedar wood.
The salt is a blend of Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, Epsom salt, dendtritic salt, baking soda, avocado botanicals and Orange and Patchouli essential oils. It is 32 oz, which is 4 cups of salt.

How to Use the Chakra Cleansing Soak:

1. Fill the bath with warm water but not too hot.
2. Add 2-3 handfuls of salt and let it dissolve.
3. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Make it your intention to let go of any negative energy. Place your hand palm down on the chakra you are focusing your attention on. While your relax send your attention and love to that area. Ask for support if needed. Let go of any thoughts that don't serve you.
4. Use care getting out of the tub, it could be slick.

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