About Us


 That is right, I am calling for a revolution. A revolution in what ingredients go into the products you use on your skin (your largest organ by the way) and in your home. A revolution in how you interact with the brands you allow in your home. A revolution in creating a space and language that honors self care in all aspects. It is time. Are you with me? Sweet Cheeks was born out of trying to find a solution for my son’s eczema that did not involve topical steroids. The more research I did the more I realized that everything I slathered on his sweet baby skin was not only not helping, but likely making things worse. I started cleaning out all the crap that was no good. We got rid of products with mineral oil, petrol chemicals, parabens, fragrance, and chemical preservatives. That left us with olive oil. No joke. So I started dabbling and the dabbling turned into a full on natural products obsession.

I am a mom of two young children and I kept noticing a void.

A void of time, commitment, space, and understanding of self care.

And I started using the hashtag #loveyou. I wanted it to be a call to action asking people to invest in the maintenance and care of themselves. (can I get a holla!) Late 2017, the revolution comes into being full force. I was frustrated feeling that people were not understanding #loveyou. It was not statement. It was an unadulterated, necessary, primal call to action. It was an act of defiance against a world that sends us a deliberate message that to care for ourselves is somehow selfish. Nothing could be less so. A brilliant, amazing woman suggested (isn’t it always this way?) that I change the emphasis. #loveyou became #loveYOU and a revolutionary idea was born. What if Sweet

Cheeks was not just about lotions and potions?

What if it was a revolution?

A deliberate act of defiance that opened up a space for a community. A community that not only offered support and education around self care, but actively created a space for self care. What if, from that place of little shifts, we could create a movement? What if…?

You, my dear community, are this revolution.

You will build this with me. How will it look? I have no idea… but I know it will be amazing. Viva la revolution!

#loveYOU. Say it out loud with me. “Hashtag. Love. YOU.”