About Us


Based in Richmond, VA  Sweet Cheeks All Natural and has everything from lotion bar,essential oil perfume to lip balm to now essential oil candles. We don’t use fragrance oils in any of our products, only essential oils. We only use the best raw material for you, your skin and your home.

Sweet Cheeks All Natura was started in 2010 after I had children.  My son had eczema…bad.  It started as a mission to find a product that would provide relief but did not come with a scary list of side effects.  Totally frustrated with what I found, I set out on a mission to create what was needed.  Our original product, “Baby Butter” was born.  I realized when requests for “this” and “that” started pouring in that I had tapped into something.

 I wanted all natural bath and body  products that would be good for their skin and good for their earth. To that end,all of our oils are plant based, which means that they are absorbed into the skin and don’t just sit on top of the skin.  We believe that stellar ingredients will make a stellar product so from start to finish we are putting our best in so you have the best.  Since we don’t use any synthetic or petroleum based products in our product, not only is Sweet Cheeks better for you and better for your baby, it is better for the earth.

When starting our home line we took the same non compromising stance.  Most essential oil candles, while much better for you and the earth have poor scent throw.  We set out to change this.  The result was a vegan blend of soy and other natural sustainable oils to help produce amazing throw.  In addition we cure our candles for at least 3 weeks before releasing them to the public.  The result is amazing.  We know you will love them as much as we do.

We invite you to come back to nature and feel beautiful!