Cocoa and Shea Lotion Bar Unscented, The BEST Lotion Bar, Ideal for Eczema and Dry Skin

$ 17.00

Our cocoa and she lotion bar is something  amazing. Many have called it addictive. It is luxurious on every level. It will make your skin so soft you won’t want to stop touching it. While the bar is unscented due to the high cocoa content it smells like fine chocolate.  Mmmmm.  

Using the finest quality coco butter, shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil… each bar is handcrafted. They are a labor of love and are only made 3 at a time and take 3 days to cure. But the results are worth it… and then some!

This is designed to be kept in the shower (in the tin container). Once you are done showering but before you towel off, take this little beauty and rub it all over, much like you would a bar of soap, then simply towel off. You skin will be left wonderfully soft and not a bit greasy. And that softness will last all day long.

Ingredients in order of volume: coco butter, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil

Cocoa Butter – used for centuries as an emollient that is soothing and keeps skin supple. It helps to moisturize and heal skin. If used on a regular basis, it is able to promote the elasticity of the skin and the healing of chapped skin.

Shea Butter – able to be absorbed quickly into the skin, is excellent when used on dry skin and is considered to be the most naturally moisturizing product that you can use.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – not only a fantastic moisturizer for skin, but also contains potent antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. It helps to condition skin and maintain its elasticity. It is great for dry skin, mature skin and irritated or itching skin.

Jojoba – similar to the sebum which occurs naturally on our skin and scalp. It is therefore great for acne or scaly, flaking scalp, eczema and dry skin. Lightens and helps to heal scars and stretch marks. It is also an anti-inflammatory, a fungicide, an antibacterial, a natural antioxidant and a non-comedogenic moisturizer as it does not block pores.

Sweet Cheeks invites you to come back to nature and feel...beautiful!

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